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"It is necessary that we take a serious attitude to environmental
protection, flora and fauna, the environmental situation, and to this
end we have achieved a revision of the approach to improving
legislation in this area."
Emomali Rahmon


The attendance of a veteran of labor in the sphere of environmental protection by personnel of the Committee on New Year's Eve
On December 28 2021, within the implementation of the policy framework of the Government of...
Planting campaign in Guliston
In order to further develop landscaping works, planting of trees and shrubs in Guliston city of...
Tree planting in the Jaloliddini district of Balkhi
During the tree planting season in Jaloliddini Balkhi district it is planned to plant...
Scientific and practical conference "Nature is strict" in the Mastchoh district
In order to improve environmental education of the population in the framework of the
Continuation of tree planting activities in the city of Hissar
In order to ensure the well-being and improve the ecological...
Holding an action "Clean the Road" in Rudaki district
On December 18, 2021, in order to maintain cleanliness and order in the...
Financial assistance by the Committee on the eve of the New Year
In order to implement the policy of the Government of the Republic...
Viewing the President's Message by employees of the Environmental Protection Department in Vakhdat
Employees of the Environmental Protection Department in the city...
Tree planting campaign in Bokhtar
On December 18, 2021, in order to improve the environmental situation...
Landscaping campaign in the city of Isfara
In order to improve the city's territories, the city of Isfara is carrying out...
At the weekly control meeting of the Committee
On December 20, a regular weekly meeting of the Committee on...
Protection of animals and birds in the Shahristan district
In accordance with the work plan and in order to prevent the death...
Planting seedlings in the city of Vahdat
In accordance with the order of the chairman of the Committee for...
Biotechnical work in the highlands of Devashtich district
In order to improve the living conditions of wild animals and provide them...
The sowing campaign is expanding in the Khatlon region
In support of the appeal of the Mayor of Dushanbe Rustami...
Planting seedlings and abandoning orphan waste campaign in Jabbor Rasulov district
For two days, work was carried out in the Jabbor-Rasulov district to improve the environment...
Tree planting in the Kuli Javonon Park
In order to ensure the welfare and improve the ecological situation of the capital, particularly...