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"It is necessary that we take a serious attitude to environmental
protection, flora and fauna, the environmental situation, and to this
end we have achieved a revision of the approach to improving
legislation in this area."
Emomali Rahmon

The main goal: The strategy contributes to the development and implementation of state policy in the field of climate change and adaptation. At the international level, the Strategy for Tajikistan, as a key tool in promoting and advancing its negotiating position under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, reports on the fulfillment of obligations under the Framework Convention and further planning of the national economy in the context of climate change.

The main goal: The program is aimed at developing a continuous system of environmental education and public awareness. It is designed to educate people who understand the importance of environmental issues and have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to tackle the socio-economic development of a country in an environmentally sound manner.

The main goal: During the implementation of the Program, the Committee on Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan will conduct regular climate monitoring and expand glaciological research in the country.