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"It is necessary that we take a serious attitude to environmental
protection, flora and fauna, the environmental situation, and to this
end we have achieved a revision of the approach to improving
legislation in this area."
Emomali Rahmon

Committee for Environmental protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

“Clean Coast" campaign in GBAO

“Clean Coast" campaign in GBAO


On the basis of the instructions of the Committee for Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and the implementation of plans and measures of the Main Department of Environmental Protection, a “Clean Coast”campaign was held on the territory of GBAO.

This action took place on Shirinsho Shotemur Avenue in the Selhoztehnika mahalla before entering the city of Khorog. More than 1000 people took an active part in the action.

During the campaign, the participants were engaged in cleaning the canal and drains from solid household waste at a distance of 6 km, as a result, 35 m3 of waste was collected and taken to an official landfill using 3 units of trucks.