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Pupilla abzobica ((Izzatullaev, 1970)

Geophila order

Pupillidae family

Conservation Status

Endemic. Vulnerable. VU.


Anzob Pupilla is found only within the Anzob Pass of Hissor mountain range.


The specific habitation of Anzob Pupilla is located at an altitude of 2200 – 3000 meters above sea level. It is found on the dry slopes of subalpine and alpine regions, among gravel under stones, vegetable debris, and at the roots of thorn bushes, and tragacanth thorn cushion plant.


It is very rarely found in nature. Less than 250 individuals have been observed.

Biological characteristics

It is an ovoviviparous animal. From 3 to 7 embryos have been observed in each pupilla, with juvenile shells, which have 1 – 1.5 turnovers.

Limiting factors

Excessive hay making, livestock overgrazing and the collection of rare flowering high – altitude plants are the main causes that lead to pupilla’s rundown and diminishing of its habitat.

Artificial breeding capabilities

Information is not available

Conservation measures

Further study is required to identify potential new regions of habitat. The collection of flowers within areas of Anzob Pupilla habitation must be prohibited. The grazing of livestock around fenced geo-botanical area must be controlled. A reserve for the  preservation  of the species should be created.   


Source of information: Izzatullaev, 1970; Pazylov, Azimov, 2003

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