Head of the Office Committee 

Yusupov Jumahon Amonulloevich

Е-mail: Jumahon1966@mail.ru

Тел: 236-95-52


Head of the Department of Monitoring and Environmental Policy

Juraev Abdusalom Shoevich,

Е-mail: abdusalim_juraev@mail.ru


Head of the Department of State Control of Usage and Protection of the Atmosphere

Sudurov S

Е-mail: saidismon@mail.ru

Тел/Факс: (+992)  236-50-89

Head of  the Department for Land Usage Control and Land Protection and Waste Management

 Mardonov Maqsatullo Amirshoevich

Е-mail: maksatullo.mardonov@mail.ru

Тел/Факс: (+992)  235-95-74

Head of  the Department of  State Control of  Usage and Protection  of  Water Resources  

     Shukurov Isfandiyor Shukurovich

Е-mail: shukurov_i@mail.ru

Тел/Факс:(+992)  236-05-45

Head of Department of state control of the usage and protection of herbs and animals

Ahrorov Hamrokul

Е-mail: ahrorovhamro1975@mail.ru

Тел/Факс: (+992) 236-40-58

Head of Informational Ecological Center

Tilloeva Gulrukhsor

Е-mail: Tilloeva.g@gmail.com

Тел/Факс: (+992)   235-44-30

Head of the Center for Standardization and Environmental Standards

Abdurahimov Bozor,