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Measures are being taken to improve the environment in Istaravshan city

On July 27, 2019, to develop and expand the works on the city improvement and landscaping, maintenance of cleanliness and order on the streets and roads, administrative centers and populated areas, the Environmental Protection sector of Istaravshan city organized and carried out the actions “Cleanliness of the area” and “Cleanliness of the coast”.

830 employees of the organizations and institutions, central hospital, city residents and individual entrepreneurs attended the environmental events.

As a result of these actions, both sides of the leaking ditches in the city were cleaned from garbage and wild grass at a distance of 6,5 km.

Zarrinrud State Agency for Land Improvement and Reclamation is planning to clean the ravine in the city at a distance of 13 km, by now 5 km is cleaned from waste and swampy garbage. The work on cleaning the ravine, drying the marsh and improving its sanitary condition is being continued. 


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