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Rivetina monticola (Mistshenko, 1956)

Mantoptera order

Manteidae family

Conservation Status

Vulnerable. VU.


Kondara rivetina is found in Kondara (southern spurs of the Hissor Range) at the altitude from 1200 to 1800 meters above sea level.


It is commonly found in semi–desert locations.  Around  Olimtoy,  rivetinas were  found  in  capers  (Capparis Spinosa),  where  orthopterous  insects (food  of  praying  mantises)  grew.  It thrives  only  on  the  mountain  ridges covering the southern part of Kondara.


In  the  early  50–ies  it  was  common on  the  southern  slopes  of  the  Hissor Range  (Kondara  Gorge).  In  1951, when counting it turned out that about 60  species  of  this  kind  of  praying mantis was found on 1 hectare. By the end  of  1960  this  species  apparently completely disappeared. In subsequent years, the mantis was not found in the former habitats.

Biological characteristics

It reproduces once during summer. Its egg  laying  process  is  similar  to  that of  the  Grand  praying  mantis.  Larvae hatch from eggs in the middle of July. Until  maturity,  they  eat  plant  louses, other  small  dipterans  and  further  by various locusts.

Limiting factors

The main reason of disappearance of this type of praying mantis relates to the  systematic  activity  of  collectors, and irregular hay–making.

Conservation measures

It is necessary to continue seeking this type of praying mantis and preserving it  in  the  specialized  nurseries.  After studying  of  the  biology  of  Kondara rivetina it should be protected.

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